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Following the publication of the Penrose Inquiry Final Report, it has been recommended that those who received a blood transfusion prior to 1991 should be tested for Hepatitis C.
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Information, training & support on viral hepatitis

Hepatitis Scotland is the national voluntary sector organisation funded by the Scottish Government to help improve responses to viral hepatitis* prevention, treatment and support.


Hepatitis Scotland supports and leads the work of voluntary sector groups  in partnership with statutory agencies and patients towards:

  • reducing the spread of viral hepatitis
  • increasing the numbers of people diagnosed with viral hepatitis
  • improving access to hepatitis treatment and support
  • improving the range and quality of prevention, treatment and care services
  • reducing stigma associated with viral hepatitis.

Our key work focuses on:

  • information-sharing with professionals and people affected by viral hepatitis
  • training/capacity building and networking - fostering links with a range of  services including those working in drugs and sexual health and with vulnerable young people
  • patient involvement and representation - exploring the views of those affected by viral hepatitis

This website aims to link you to Scottish, UK and international web sites on a wide variety of issues about viral hepatitis. In addition you can also access information about the activities of Hepatitis Scotland itself.


*Viral hepatitis is a disease which causes inflammation of the liver and can lead to serious illness and death if left untreated. It is estimated that around 39,000 people across Scotland are chronically infected with Hepatitis C - many of them unaware they are carrying the virus - while Hepatitis B infections are a growing cause of concern.


Hepatitis Scotland is hosted by the Scottish Drugs Forum (SDF); a company limited by guarantee, registration no. 106295 with charitable status and is also a registered Scottish charity, registered SC 008075.



Hepatitis Scotland

91 Mitchell Street
G1 3LN
Telephone: 0141 225 0419
Fax: 0141 248 6414
Email: enquiries@hepatitisscotland.org.uk